US Citizens Living In Canada

USA CITIZENS LIVING IN CANADAThe U.S imposes taxes on American Citizens by virtue of their American citizenship. This is the case regardless of which country they currently reside in or the source of income. It is the only western country in the world that imposes tax on its citizens regardless of where they live and no matter where income is earned from.

American expatriates living in Canada are required to file US tax returns every year, report worldwide income to the IRS and pay any tax imposed by US tax laws.

We Specialize In The Filing Requirements Of Such Us Expats For The Following:

US Personal tax return: 1040 Returns, Federal and State
US Non-resident Personal tax return: 1040NR Returns, Federal and State
US Forms 114, 3520, 5471,5472,8621 and 8938
US Corporate Return 1120
US Non-resident Corporate Return 1120-F
Real estate sales in the US

These rules are very complex and please contact us to ensure you are in compliance with filing the appropriate tax return and forms.